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    How to Recover from Fire Damage

    Small house fires can occur more frequently than one might think. In fact, house fires are the single most common disaster in all of America. Due to this, there is an immense amount of damage to attend to, both inside and outside of the home. So, with that being said, how can someone recover from the fire damage caused to their home? In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about house fires as well as how to recover from the fire damage. Continue reading below to learn more.

    Common causes for house fires

    As previously mentioned, house fires are one of the most common disasters. So, how do these fires start exactly? A few of the most common causes for house fires include:

    Leaving things unattended in the. kitchen while cooking

    Heating equipment

    Leaving candles unattended throughout the home

    Faulty Wiring

    Malfunctioning or defective products

    Electrical Fires

    While many of these are extremely common, it is still important to try and reduce these risks throughout your own home. Therefore, the best practices to prevent these common household fires include:

    • Always remember to unplug unused electronics and appliances.
    • Have fire extinguishers ready to use throughout your home – these are especially useful to have in your kitchen.
    • Stay in the kitchen whenever you are working on the stove and never leave the flames unattended
    • Smoke outside of your home.
    • Be sure to never smoke in bed.
    • Replace all damaged or worn appliance cords immediately.
    • Never run cords under furniture or rugs.
    • Keep space heaters away from combustible objects.
    • Install and maintain smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home.
    • Have fireplaces and wood stoves inspected each year before use
    • Never leave candles burning in an empty room or for too long at a time

    What to do after a fire

    While it is often very common for a person to be in shock after a fire, it is important to take these necessary steps to ensure everyone is safe and taken care of.

    Step 1: Be sure to check in on your family

    It is important to make sure you, your family and anyone who was staying inside of your home with you is safe. While this may seem like an obvious task, it can sometimes be overlooked due to the overwhelming feelings after a house fire. Often times, people will be in too much shock to think properly in these kinds of situations. Therefore, it is important to have a proper guideline so that you can easily understand what should be done in these scenarios.

    After you have had a moment to check up on everyone in the home, you should now contact family members and loved ones who were not in the home with you when the fire occurred. This is simply to let them know that you are safe along with the other family members who were inside of the home with you. It is also crucial to have support or someone to call in a time such as this as these scenarios tend to be very traumatic for a person to handle on their own. So, if you do not have family close by, be sure to phone a friend you feel close to who will rush to support you in your time of need.

    Lastly, if you find that you are renting your home, it is important to also contact the property owners to inform them of what just happened inside. This will allow the property owners to make decisions about the property and begin the recovery process.

    Step 2: Contact your homeowner’s insurance company for house fire insurance

    Once you have contacted your family members and loved ones, it is important to contact your insurance company. This is will start the process of vent documentation and begin the insurance claim process.

    From there your insurance agent should be experienced in dealing with property emergencies and can talk you through things like emergency lodging and living expenses. They will also get you in touch with restoration companies that can do fire damage restoration as well as smoke damage repair.

    Step 3: Recognize if your home is salvageable after the fire damage

    If you find that f your house has been damaged rather than destroyed in the fire, it will need professional fire damage cleanup. Not only will direct damage from the fire need to be repaired or replaced, but heat, smoke, and soot can cause damage to your home and your possessions. On top of that, you may now actually require water mitigation to prevent or reduce the amount of water damage that happens after the firefighters put the fire out.

    Step 4: Determine if the home is still safe

    Do not enter the home until you have been given the clearance that your home is safe. Often times, fires are known to ignite again even if they appear to be out. Roofs and floors can also be damaged without your knowledge.

    Step 5: Go through your possession and save all undamaged items

    Next, organize your possessions and find out what has survived the fire damage. ny items that are not damaged or destroyed should be put in a safe place, even if it means putting them in storage.Any items that you want to save will need to be carefully and potentially professionally cleaned.

    Step 6: Find a place to stay during the fire damage restoration process

    Many homeowner’s insurance policies will pay for any food, clothing or shelter you may need for a definite period of time. In addition to this, you may want to contact family or friends who are willing to help you find a safe place to stay while restoration services are in progress.

    How to recover from water damage

    When it comes to a house fire, the first thing you should do is call for help. This allows for firefighters to rush to the scene in order to work and put out the flames. However, with that being said, when these firefighters arrive, they will use a significant amount of water in order to fully put out the fire. This of course is the goal, however, the water the firefighters are using to extinguish the flames can also cause significant water damage which can often lead to mold growth unless taken care of immediately.

    In addition to calling for help in a fire scenario, it is important to bring on a professional restoration team to help take care of the aftermath of the fire damage for you. If it is deemed necessary, the restoration contractors will then begin boarding and tarping areas to protect your remaining belongings inside the building and prevent further damage.

    Signs of fire damage

    In some cases, fire and smoke damage may be hard to find. This of course will always depend on the size of the fire or potential fire hazard. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these key features:

    Dirty walls or ceilings

    If you are aware of where the fire occurred in your home, be sure to check on the floors, walls and ceilings around the area. Hot air is known to raise, and unless a breeze adjusted its course, the smoke would go straight up. Such residue is easy to see on light walls however it may be harder to see on dark walls.


    Be sure to also check up on any outer walls and windows. This is actually one of the most common ways that fire and smoke damage travels. Even if the fire was contained in the dead center of a room, it is worth checking all of the exterior walls and windows for hidden smoke residue. This type of residue is easier to see during the day, therefore it is recommended to wait until morning to make your inspection.


    Check up on your blinds. The area directly behind blinds and drapes is cooler than the rest of the room. This means smoke is likely to rest here, and you may not notice because the residue is invisible from the front.

    Any manmade materials

    Such materials attract more smoke particles because of their particular ionization qualities. If there are synthetic materials in a room you suspect has smoke residue, these should be the first things you check out. Keep in mind that synthetic materials may become permanently stained by smoke damage after intense or prolonged exposure. Therefore, these materials may need to be completely replaced.

    Now that you have a better understanding of what fire damage can look like as well as what actions should be taken to help reduce the risk of a fire outburst, be sure to take extra caution when looking after your home. Afterall, house fires are common, therefore, it is important to play your part in order to help reduce them. So please, blow out that candle before leaving a room and never leave your stovetop burning while you are out of sight.

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